Russkaya Troika, the multimedia folk art program, is an ambitious and spectacular show without precedent in Russia. Accompanied by the music of great Russian composers spellbinding events will be presented onstage to carry the audience deep into the history and culture of great nation. The main characters of the 90-minute spectacle will introduce the Russian folk rites and traditions to the public. The scene takes place against the background of animated masterpieces of Russian painting from the State Tretyakov Gallery.

An important role in the production is played by a unique instrument, the campanile of Kolokola Rossii ensemble, set up directly on stage to create the right kind of vibe. The bells blend surprisingly well with the ancient Russian flat chimes which are used in the performances as bass instruments.

Some of the best and most well-known folk ensembles, acclaimed by audiences throughout Russia are taking part in this production. Among them are: Moscow Region Philharmonic ensembles - State Academic Orchestra of Soloists - Russkiye Uzory, Moscow State Dance Ensemble Russkiye Sezony, and Sudakov Moscow State Choir.

The show is directed to a wide audience, including the many visitors of the capital. This is a wonderful synthesis of figurative, instrumental, dance, choral and theatrical arts.

The show will be performed on the stage of the Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army, in one of the Russian capital’s landmark buildings. This theater featuring the largest performance stage in Europe is a perfect example of the Stalinist “Empire” architecture: the building was conceived as an enormous structure in the shape of the five-pointed star.


  • Russkaya Troika is a Russian world-class folklore presentation
  • an original production showcasing culture, folk rites and traditions of Russia
  • “come alive” masterpieces of Russian painting from the State Tretyakov Gallery
  • over 300 costumes specially created for this production
  • more than 70 performers and musicians on stage at the same time
  • 40 authentic folk musical instruments
  • live concerts
  • Starts 7:30pm. Finishes 21.15pm.


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Vadim Sudakov State Capella of Moscow

The State Concert and Theatrical Capella of Moscow was established in 1992 by Vadim Sudakov, one of the most prominent Russian choirmasters. The Sudakov Capella is a truly innovative ensemble that sees its goal in creating a modern style of performance while indisputably drawing on centuries-old traditions of performing arts. Our vocal “ensemble of soloists” reflects the tendencies which appeared in the vocal and choral art during the 1970s when chamber choirs were formed in Russia. The main creative objective of the capella is in finding modern-day staging and performance methods along with conserving academic singing traditions—which should result in attracting a very wide, democratic audience to the rendering of academic music and world classics. In the twenty years of its existence, the Sudakov Capella gave more than fifteen hundred concerts at the best concert venues of Moscow and Russia as well as abroad.


Russian Seasons Dance Ensemble was organized in 1991 by a group of enthusiasts who were eager to further develop the best traditions of Russian school of dance. Artistic managing director and chief ballet-master of the ensemble is Nikolai Nikolayevich Androsov, one of Russia’s best choreographers and an award winner of international competitions.

During the first ten years of its existence the ensemble stayed in the United States of America three times on long and successful tours, and after 2002 it was many times invited to go touring in the USA again. The artistic achievement of the group was enthusiastically received by audiences all over the globe, and Russian Seasons Dance Ensemble has become today one of the leading dance companies in Russia.

RUSSKIYE UZORY [RUSSIAN PATTERNS] State Academic Soloists’ Orchestra

This unique music group which came into being in 1959 has been featuring up to two hundred traditional, ancient, little-known musical instruments that were made by musicians themselves. Along with the usual Russian music orchestra instruments (domras, balalaikas, button accordions) the musicians also use two types of folk instruments: wind instruments—such as zhaleika or bryolka (folk clarinet), rozhok (hornpipe), svirel (Russian flute), Russian ocarina; percussive instruments—such as hand-rattle, clapper, spoons, slapstick, and others.

Both the repertoire of the orchestra and the masterful performance of its musicians have invariably won extreme fascination with foreign tourists visiting Russia. Over the last 40 years the orchestra has successfully performed at the best concert venues of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Admiring audiences in many corners of the world were also enthusiastically applauding the orchestra musicians.

Artistic managing director and chief orchestra conductor is Vladimir Zozulya, People’s Artist of Russia.


Artistic managing director is Galina Filimonova, the laureate of international competitions and festivals. The ensemble was organized in 1989 in Moscow. The virtuoso performance skills of its musicians make it possible for them to play over thirty bells installed at the movable campanile performing both traditional Russian chime tunes as well as various musical compositions which can fully represent the tonal beauty of this unique instrument. Regular bells with the well-known shape of their contours blend well with ancient Russian flat bells, or semantrons, which are used as bass instruments in the musical pieces performed by this musical group.

The Kolokola Rossii ensemble has been touring extensively around Russia and abroad. Famous Russian chimes as performed by this group were already heard by audiences at all continents fascinating them with the sounds of the bells.


Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army
Театр Российской Армии Театр Российской Армии
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